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Leave a Lasting Legacy

"When we leave a gift in our will, our values live on forever." Stephen Fry

Remembering Newport Mind in your Will, or making a gift in someone else’s memory, is an excellent way to support local people living with mental health problems, helping them to live independent and fulfilling lives in the community. We use your donations to help raise awareness about mental health and wellbeing, to provide support to help people better manage their mental health, and to challenge stigma and discrimination. 

In your Will, you can leave money, property or possessions. You could leave a set amount of money (a pecuniary legacy) or a percentage of your estate when all other gifts have been distributed (a residuary legacy). 

Leaving a gift for friends and family will naturally be your first priority, but once those close to you are taken care of, we hope you may then consider leaving a gift to Newport Mind. Legacies do not need to be big - every gift makes a huge difference to our work. As we are a charity, we benefit from a tax-free gift - making your legacy go further. 

How do I leave a gift in my will?

It is important that you have an up-to-date and professionally written Will that truly reflects your wishes. 

If you don't have a Will... Making one is simple to do and your Solicitor can help you. We can help by providing some suggested wording to reflect your wish to leave a gift to Newport Mind.

If you already have a Will... It’s important to keep this up to date. A change of circumstances could make your Will invalid so you should check your Will regularly to make sure it still reflects your wishes. If you do need to make a change this may be a good time to include Newport Mind.  It is a simple process to make an amendment and include a gift to Newport Mind. Depending on the significance of the changes you’d like to make to an existing Will, it may be possible to use a codicil to make your amendments - a solicitor can advise on the best course of action.

If you would like us to post a codicil form to you or suggested wording to reflect your wishes, email

Your intentions

We understand that making a Will is a private matter, but if you would like to let us know your intentions we would be grateful. Not only does this help us to plan for the future, it also gives us the opportunity to thank you for your generosity. Email for more details of how to do this.         

All information you provide will be treated as confidential and not legally binding in any way.

Finding a Solicitor

You can visit the Remember A Charity website to find a solicitor in your local area, who will be able to advise you on leaving gifts to charities when making a Will: