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Calling all hairdressers, barbers, nail techs and beauticians in Newport!

Join us this September for our ‘Cut Out The Stigma’ campaign, celebrating the ‘hidden’ mental health heroes in our community.

When people go to their salon or barbers, it gives them a break from whatever else is happening. They also get the opportunity to connect with their stylist, even if it’s just chatting about the weather. These interactions can be so beneficial to people, with or without mental health issues. We want to shine a light on this and help people reduce the stigma around mental health.

As you may know, Newport Mind is an independent mental health charity based in Newport. We help people with mental health needs in a variety of ways. We work with children, their parents and care givers both in and out of schools. Our housing team works with people experiencing or facing homelessness due to their mental health, and help people coordinate their living situations. We have a Wellbeing team that coordinate many groups for people to attend and find support, as well as delivering structured support to people to help them build skills to manage their own mental health. Our counselling team provides dozens of self-funded sessions to adults and children each week, providing vital support to those who need it.

In addition to reducing stigma around mental health, our campaign also seeks to fundraise to support the vital services we provide.

Get involved!

If you would like to get involved with the campaign, we can supply you with fundraising tools and tips to help get you started. Our community fundraiser will also be on hand to provide you with support and guidance, as needed. You can support the campaign in so many ways, from organising a raffle to just having our donation QR codes in salon – it all helps to spread the word and reduced the mental health stigma.

We’d love for this campaign to grow into an annual event and create a buzz (pun intended) across the community of stylists within Newport. If you are interested in getting involved, please get in touch either by emailing or giving us a call on 01633 258 741 and asking for Jo Jeffreys.

If you are not in a position to get involved with Cut Out The Stigma this time around, but would like more information about Newport Mind, or maybe even run your own fundraiser, please do reach out to us.