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Newport Mind is sad to let you know that the Home Office gave Newport Mind notice to end the Supporting Vulnerable People with the European Union Settlement Scheme (EUSS) project and the project has now closed.

The Home Office had offered much reduced (nearly 50% less) funding until March 2023. Newport Mind put forward a number of proposals to accommodate the Home Office cuts. However on the 25th of October the Home Office issued verbal notice to terminate the contract followed the next day by formal email confirmation of termination.

Newport Mind’s EUSS Project Team have worked with the Welsh Government, local authorities, health boards, the local Mind network and other Grant-funded organisations to raise awareness and provide practical application support to vulnerable EU nationals. The project has been incredibly successful, and over 2000 vulnerable individuals have been helped with advice and application support.

There will still be a need for this service into the future, EU citizens will have to re-apply to convert their pre-settled status to settled status, many applications for settled status are not finalised and many EU citizens are having difficulty proving that they have settled status which impacts jobs, housing and finances.

The loss of the support this service provides to EU citizens could have dire consequences on them, affecting their ability to find work, to secure accommodation, to access money and most seriously, could mean they lose the right to remain in Wales and risk deportation.

Newport Mind’s EUSS Project Team will work with current clients of the project and partners to ensure that, where possible, they still have access to the support they need. The Project Team would like to express their thanks to everyone who has played their part in supporting the project and the citizens of European Union.

Welsh Government is working with a number of organisations in Wales who can offer free additional advice and support for any EU citizen living in Wales concerned about applying. The below services are being delivered by a number of organisations in Wales and will be able to offer free advice and support according to your specific needs.

Regulated by the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority, Newfields Law is a specialist immigration firm based in Wales that has qualified advisors able to assist with all aspects of the EU Settlement Scheme and any related complex or legal immigration matters.Find out more

Newfields Law is a boutique law firm based in the centre of Cardiff which specialises in immigration advisory services.It provides an advisory service to EU citizens and their (EU or non-EU) family members who are based in Wales and wish to submit applications to the EU Settlement Scheme.As a law firm regulated by the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority, we advise in respect of all application types, ranging from those which are simple and straightforward to the more complex and non-standard, including challenging Home Office decisions. Newfields also works alongside other key organisations, in particular those working with vulnerable groups, to provide support and advice beyond OISC level 1.In addition to 1-2-1 advice services delivered in person, phone, or electronically, it will deliver a public awareness campaign throughout Wales which will promote the EU Settlement Scheme and the support services available to EU nationals residing in Wales. Promotion materials include a number of both traditional and digital formats targeted in key public locations across Wales.

·        Email:

·        Website

·        Telephone02921690049

Citizens Advice Cymru provides an information, guidance, and advice service to assist clients with simple EU settled status applications. It can also provide advice on social welfare issues and workplace rights. Referrals to other services will be suggested where clients would benefit from further assistance in complex issues. Find out more



·       Telephone: 0300 3309 059

Citizens advice

Settled is a new charity working to guide, inform and assist vulnerable and hard to reach EU citizens and help them keep their right to live and work in the United Kingdom after leaves the European Union. The Settled website offers interactive support and guidance, and direct EU citizens to bespoke information. Find out moreThe Settled website will offer interactive support and guidance, and direct EU citizens to bespoke information. Settled can also be contacted on Here for Good advice line – 020 7014 2155 – will be open on Mondays (09:30-11:30), Wednesdays (11:30-13:30) and Fridays (13:30-15:30).


Advice and application support for European Roma citizens to stay in Wales when the UK leaves the European Union. Find out more

This is a Wales-wide service and is focused on the EU Roma community

It is a face-to-face mobile service providing:

·       Information sessions in all home languages

·       One-to-one support sessions through pre-booked appointments in all home languages.

·       The team will assist in all stages of an application for any needs within OISC Level 1 authorisation.

·       Any people requiring support above that level will be referred to an OISC Level 2 or Level 3 advisor

The team move around Wales, basing itself in schools, community centres and other centres where it can be most easily accessed by the local Roma community. They liaise with the community and any school/support groups in advance for people to be able to sign up for appointments.For people with on-going needs (not just a one-off advice meeting), the Support Worker will maintain contact and arrange all subsequent meetings. In the case that a person needs OISC level two or three support, they will maintain contact with the TGP Cymru adviser throughout to ensure an end-to-end service is carried out

·       Email:

·       Website:

·       Telephone:0808 802 0025


A telephone advice line which provides legal advice and assistance to women who are vulnerable due to Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) to enable them to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme. Find out moreThis telephone advice line is staffed by women immigration solicitors or barristers who are qualified to give advice up to OISC Level 3.We can advise on applying to the EU Settlement Scheme including helping you to understand:

·       What the EU Settlement Scheme is

·       What criteria you need to meet

·       How to make an application

·       What documents you will need to apply

·       What type of status you are eligible for

·       Telephone: 020 7118 0267

·       Web link: Click here to access/

Rights of Women

This organisation works with deaf people, particularly those deaf from birth or an early age who use sign language to communicate. A webpage and appointment service is now live for deaf EU/EEA and Swiss citizens and their family members to access support to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme. Find out moreApplicants can also access the advice services:

·       Telephone: 0300 688 2525

·       Text: 0300 688 2527

·       Email:

·       Web link: Royal Association for Deaf People

Royal Association for Deaf People